About Me

My name is Kevin Sang Min Tenn. Originally born with the surname Park, I adopted my partner Elena's Hakka surname upon becoming a US citizen in 2021. I'm still fluent in Korean and my Korean name is 박상민.

I was born and raised in South Korea and came to the United States in 2009. After moving around the west coast over the years, I now reside in the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA.

I've been designing digital products for 7 years now. I've freelanced for seed-stage startups, ridden a rocket ship at growth startups, as well as worked at FAANG companies to see millions and billions in numbers. While I've focused most of my career as an IC, I've had the pleasure mentoring junior designers and design interns time to time.

I have a passion taking methodical steps towards 0 → 1 growth design and scaling design systems for design and engineering teams. I enjoy collaborating with engineers who are passionate about front-end, product managers who are fluent in data, and content designers and researchers who can be the biggest advocates for the end users.


Los Angeles, CA

2022 - present

Seattle, WA

2018 - 2022

Los Angeles, CA

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San Diego, CA

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Los Angeles, CA

2009 - 2013

Beijing, China

2008 - 2009

Seoul, South Korea

1998 - 2008

Chuncheon, South Korea

1993 - 1998



2023 - 2023

Meta, Commerce


Meta, Design System

2018 - 2020

Ring + Amazon

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Kevin Tenn

né Park

Product Design & Design System

Kevin Tenn

né Park

Product Design & Design System