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After debuting Instagram Shop in the US in 2020, the Company aimed to introduce the same seamless shopping experience outside the United States in 2021. The immersive experience included features such as direct checkout with PayPal and Meta Pay, cross-border shipping, multilingual & multi-currency inventory, and international commerce compliance. The program was successfully launched in the UK in Nov 2021 and is scheduled to launch in the EU in the near future.


Design Lead

Product Strategy


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1 CD



Mar 2021 —

Nov 2021


Sellers in the UK & EU

UK & EU Sellers

Fortune 500s

Local SMBs

People Problem

IG+FB Shops were launched for the audience in the United States only in 2020; potential buyers outside the United States were given a second-class experience with no localized language, price, and direct checkout.


IG+FB Shops were launched as one of the top 4 company priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team started the work in Mar 2020, and launched it in Jul 2020.


Apple's privacy policy change challenged Meta's advertising business; Commerce became one of four pillars that buttressed the consumer experience; Commerce Manager had to grow and support international commerce through cross-border shipping.


The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the growth of global e-commerce gross merchandise volume (GMV).

Commerce Manager

Commerce Manager became the central hub where advertisers and sellers mange their inventory and IG+FB Shops.

Common Problem

Even an established brand like Away only ships to 3 countries. However, a global brand like Burberry ships to hundreds of countries.

User Flow

Designed the end-to-end multinational seller's journey.

Design Principles

Aligned the PM, ENGs, and CD through workshops; aligned partner teams through office hours.

Design Iterations

Designed the multinational navigation experience, which had many flaws.

System Design

Designed the optimal product architecture for multinational commerce operation.

Localization Settings

Designed and shipped the central hub for internationalization, where sellers can localize product descriptions, sizes, and prices.

Seller Onboarding

Partnered with the feature team to add a localized version of the seller onboarding flow.

Orders, Finance & Promotions

Partnered with each feature team to add a localized version of the orders, finance, and promotions tabs.


Designed and shipped the localizable general business information settings.

Checkout Method

Designed and shipped the localizable checkout method settings.


Designed and shipped the localizable finance settings.


Designed and shipped the localizable permission settings.


Designed and shipped the localizable legal settings.

User Reseasrch

Designed the end-to-end seller onboarding experience to conduct usability research with a UX Researcher.

Final Design

Successfully launched the program in Q3 2021.

Buyer Experience

As a result, IG+FB Shops can now display localized information such as the $ v. the £.



Kevin Tenn

né Park

Product Design & Design System

Kevin Tenn

né Park

Product Design & Design System