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After debuting in Jul 2020, the Shop program lacked a trust and safety mechanism to prevent egregious seller behavior in the ecosystem, which eroded user trust in both Instagram and Instagram Shop brands. Additionally, there was no incentive program to reward exceptional seller performance. With the support of leadership, I led the design and strategy of the Seller Performance Program in partnership with Meta's Business Integrity and Catalog Integrity teams.


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Jul 2022 —

Nov 2022


10M+ Sellers in the US

Fortune 500s


People Problem

While Instagram had always been the preferred destination for buyers to discover new brands and products, IG Shop as a marketplace lacked a trust and safety guardrails.

Opportunity Sizing

With thousands of unverified sellers, IG Shop as a product was experiencing a reverse flywheel effect in consumer trust, which meant a negative impact on Meta's advertising business.

Design Workshop

To build an effective communication channel to share recommendations and issues with sellers, partner teams and I conducted an in-person design workshop.


Designed a clear mission statement.

Design Principles

Designed clear design principles.

Penalties & Incentives

Designed ways to penalize and reward sellers based on their operational performance.

Competitive Analysis

Led a competitive analysis of similar programs on Amazon, eBay, and others.


Designed seller performance metrics to measure in partnership with Business Integrity and Catalog integrity teams.

Design Iteration

Designed a monthly email campaign for the seller performance program.

Design Iterations

Iterated various data visualization and actions sellers can take to improve their seller performance scores.

Content Design

Proactively authored seller guidance content without a full-time content designer on the team.


Conducted research sessions with a UX Researcher to push for action-oriented widgets over history-oriented widgets.

Seller Experience

Designed and shipped the end-to-end seller performance program.

Appeal Process

Designed and shipped the appeal process for sellers who disagreed with Meta's assessment.

Shopify App

Designed and shipped the matching experience on Shopify.

Seller Badge

Designed and explored a seller experience that rewarded unique seller badges based on their performance.

Buyer Experience

Designed and explored a buyer experience that held sellers accountable by allowing users to access certain seller performance data.

Final Design

Successfully launched the program in Q4 2022 to 10M+ sellers in the United States.

Business Impact

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Kevin Tenn

né Park

Product Design & Design System

Kevin Tenn

né Park

Product Design & Design System