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Amidst the rapid online marketplace growth during the pandemic in 2020, the state of Arkansas passed a bill that enforced e-commerce marketplaces like IG+FB Shops to verify and disclose seller information for consumer protection. In 2021, the state of Ohio followed with a similar bill, and the US Congress was preparing to pass a similar law at the federal level. To help 10M+ sellers in the US to comply with the law, I worked directly with a legal counsel to design and ship the seller verification flow. The flow successfully launched in two milestones—Arkansas INFORM Act SB470 and the Federal INFORM Consumers Act. The flow also anticipated the upcoming EU regulation, which is scheduled to launch by 2024.


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Nov 2020 —

Nov 2022


Arkansas Sellers

US Sellers

EU+Worldwide Sellers

People Problem

To ensure the trust and safety of e-commerce consumers, government agencies have passed regulations to verify and disclose seller information.


Working with an ongoing bill at the state and federal level was challenging as the definition of the bill was a moving target.


To collect legal information authoritatively, the seller needed a dedicated communication module that reflected various states, such as pre-verified, pending, and verified states.


Designed and shipped in-house phone number and email address verification flows.

Personal Information

Disclosing personal phone numbers and email addresses was against Meta's privacy policy; allowed sellers to opt out and disclose alternative verified information.

Buyer Experience

Successfully launched the Arkansas INFORM Act compliance program in Q4 2020.

Federal INFORM Consumers Act

Built additional compliance measures on top of the Arkansas INFORM Act work.

New Seller Verification Module

Evolved the verification banner into a permanent widget with an annual re-verification flow.

Verification Status

Added additional verification status required for the Federal INFORM Consumers Act.

New User Experience

Added additional NUX and email campaign that was targeted 3-month before, 1-month before, 3-day before, and 1-day before the compliance deadline.

Additional Forms

Designed and shipped additional information intake around business EIN and supporting document.

The EU+Worldwide

Designed and shipped additional information intake to comply with the EU regulation. The legal counsel's proposal was also to leverage the EU flow and apply it to all sellers worldwide on a voluntary basis.

Additional Intake

Designed and shipped global phone number, email address, physical address, and business ID verification flow.

Business Impact

Successfully launched each compliance program with enough runway in consideration of the deadline.


Kevin Tenn

né Park

Product Design & Design System

Kevin Tenn

né Park

Product Design & Design System